Drive Shafts

Infinity g35 , fx35 , m35 front drive shaft “x”

Infinity front drive shaft (awd) models includes g35 , m35 , m45 , fx35 ,
fx45 04-10
I hear more and more about these shafts failing and causing tremendous
damage, what I have seen is that the shaft breaks at the joint and
basically comes around and clobbers the transmission creating a hole in
the bell housing of the transmission rendering it un-salvageable .What
causes these “catastrophic” failures is that people ignore the warnings
and continue driving the vehicle until the part gets completely destroyed
My intention is to educate john q driver to identify the beginning stages
of the infinity front drive shaft failure to prevent these extreme
breakdowns! First and foremost taking your vehicle to a qualified
technician to diagnose a drive shaft failure is always a good idea.

Diagnosing a Drive shaft problem is not simple. In some cases the problem
can’t be duplicated when the vehicle is on a lift, because there is no
load on the wheels. However a good indicator of the beginning stages of
failure is to look for rust stains leaking from the universal joints on
this particular shaft .The most common Infinity drive shaft complaint is a
vibration at speeds between 30-60 miles per hour.

The u-joints on this shaft are machine pressed and notched in place and
are not serviceable, combined with weather changes causing the joints to
“cry” or seep out the pre-packed lubricant .What’s worse is that there is
actually no room to even make the joints serviceable which is why the
smartest thing to do is replace the whole shaft .Costs of repair typically
consist of 2-3 hours of labor and the cost of the shaft itself. We have
found longevity in our shafts due to the proprietary type of lubricant we


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