Make Model Year
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 1994 - 1995
Weight11 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in


Other Part Number





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Part: Toyota 4Runner New Vacuum Brake Booster
Fits: Toyota 4Runner
Years: 1994 • 1995
Part Number: 5C32776 / 5C-32776

What is it for?

A brake booster is to braking what power steering is to steering. A brake booster uses a stored vacuum to overcome the high fluid pressure in a car's braking system. With a brake booster, the driver does not have to exert much force on the brake pedal when applying the brakes. A brake booster is also sometimes called a "vacuum brake booster" for this reason.

How do I know it's time to replace it?

The primary indicator of a faulty brake booster is a stiff brake pedal. Again, this is similar to the experience of power steering being out, which stiffens the wheel of the car. If it takes more force than usual to bring the vehicle to a stop, then very likely the brake booster is failing or has failed completely. This does not mean that the brakes themselves have failed.


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